Black is beautiful


me and sonya 007Black crochet wrapme and sonya 006The me and sonya 008The stitches here are basic shell and dc. I’m not proficient in following patterns so I find a garment that fits well and lay it on the table.  I figure out where I’m going to start first. Usually I start with the back piece and crochet downwards according to the garment on the table.  When I get to under the bust line, I stop. Then I start with the 2 front pieces and crochet downwards.

I then join the 3 pieces together at the shoulders.  Then I crochet the shell stitch around the whole piece; (2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc) in space. (of course, leaving enough room for your arm hole).   Ch 1, shell, etc. As you crochet down, you increase the ch to 2 in between the shells.

Next time I crochet a garment, I will have to write out a pattern.

There are many times that I have to unravel hours of work because my project doesn’t fit.  In my last post I listed things that I tell myself when I have to do that.

So life goes on. Take care. Be safe.



Crochet Self Esteem.

Crocheting for self-esteem is a great idea for when your project is going well.  But how do you continue having an uplifting feeling when things are not going so well? For example: tangled yarn, kitty had fun with your project and now it’s all over the room, stitches too big, stitches too small, not enough stitches, etc.  Let’s start first with the basic tool: the crochet hook.

The Crochet Hook

To feel good about your craft is to find the crochet hook that fits your own personality.  Ask yourself: How do I hold a crochet hook?  Which one is better for working with so that I don’t hurt my wrists and fingers?  Am I left handed or right handed?  Which hook do I feel comfortable holding and working with?

I like the plain, no-frills hooks.  Why, you may ask?  I like them because of the ease in which I can wrap the yarn multiple times around the hook and then pull the yarn through all the loops to make a stitch.  I find it way too difficult to do those kinds of stitches with a hook that has a handle on it; I mean the fancy hooks with thick-like handles on them.  I was at a friend’s house and tried to do one of the above stitches; it didn’t work because the yarn loops just bunch up together and it makes it hard to finish the stitch.  So I like the simple crochet hooks the best.  Of course, that’s just my own opinion and my particular fancy.

The next point is that if you are going to crochet for self-esteem, it would be advantageous to buy several crochet hooks in multiple sizes.  I own hooks from the teeny, tiny sizes up to size 8 for thick yarn.  Sometimes I will use 2 or 3 different sized hooks for one project.

The Dreaded Decision

Oh my yes!  Sometimes I have to make that dreaded decision to unravel hours of work that I’ve done.  Here is a list of things that I tell myself when this happens so that I can keep up my self-esteem.

  • If I continue, it’ll look worse than ever.
  • Do I want good quality work, or shoddy work to show off?
  • Practice makes perfect.
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day.  (I never thought that it was anyway)
  • I need to learn from my mistakes instead of repeating them.
  • Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. (Scott Adams)
  • I’m not a failure if I’m enjoying crocheting.
  • Good results take time.
  • I’ll take out my anger on the yarn while I’m unraveling it.
  • Take the ‘bull by the horns’ and start again.
  • I’ve made many beautiful things already.
  • I’ll deal with it tomorrow.
  • Research how to make this better by looking at finished projects, stitches, etc.
  • “Ok yarn, I’ve had enough.  I’m in control here, not you!”

Whatever list you come up with, make sure it inspires you to carry on in spite of short term disasters.

Crocheting is a beautiful art that takes time, perseverence and patience.  However, the end results will uplift your spirit and give you a sense of accomplishment and self pride that you can’t buy with money. (Except the yarn and hooks do cost money).  So dear people, don’t give up.  Enjoy what you’re doing and embrace it. Ta ta!


I have now joined Instagram.  I have no idea what I’m doing right now so I will be spending time doing some tutorials to learn how to take advantage of this media app.

I think I’ll need some wine for this one!

wine, crochet 010

The color of pumpkins.

These lacy pumpkin colored bookmarks are mine, all mine!  Just kidding.  I’ve made them available to buy at Funkydeb, my online store at  In the past I have made many of these for my friends in an array of different colors: black, red, cobalt blue, etc.  All my friends love them just as much as I love making them!  I can’t remember where in the world I found the pattern otherwise I would direct you to the website or make the pattern available.  I dunno, maybe it’s old age creeping up on me or something of the like but I think it’s because I’m not organized!  (I think I will talk about organizing papers in my next blog).

Happily, there are many people out there who still love to read real books.  Oh I’m not against technology per Se but when I’m done looking at a bright computer screen all day, I love to pick up something tangible to touch, feel, and delve into such as a good paperback/hard cover about crocheting or cooking, etc.  I know that anyone who loves to read books also loves to have something to mark the last page read. Some people dog ear their pages but others like to use other paraphernalia to stick into the last page that they’ve read: envelopes, pieces of torn paper, paper bookmarks, sticky notes, and the list goes on.

However, to make my own reading worth while and to give myself a bit of a lift, I adore using these bookmarks to close the book on my reading experience.  Basically when I stick one of these babies into my book, I smile.  It’s good to smile.  It takes more muscles to frown than it is to smile. And some days it’s dog gone hard to smile, isn’t it.

All in all, if you’d like to buy one, give me a shout at my online shop and we can discuss prices, color, etc.  I’m not hard nosed in my prices either; I need to make profit for sure however I like to have satisfied customers.  Isn’t that what selling used to be about?  The ‘customer is always right’ used to be the norm.  Anyhow, have a wonderful day, week, year, and hope to hear from you soon. Ta ta!


orange bookmark 001orange bookmark 002


I love to crochet and I thought that people might like to buy these dog rugs I’ve made.  However, to my dismay, many people think they’re cute but nobody’s buying any.  Thus, the venting, wah, wah, wah.  Oh well.  I can always give them away as gifts.

I was also thinking that I could sell them like a yard sale but have a “craft” sale instead.

Anyhooby, it’s fun to create things.  I love using the crochet stitching pattern as follows: chain whatever, sc in 3rd ch from hook, dc in next stitch, sc in next stitch and end with sc. Next round, ch 3, sc over dc, dc, sc, to the end.  Continue.  It makes for a nice and sturdy for long term wear and tear.

I also love to create the circle rugs with different colors.  And of course, I love my stuffy dog, Barington.

Happy crocheting!

Purple dragon top

purple dragon and 2 doggie mats 004Crochet dragon in filet crochet.

I found an old pattern for a purse and just turned it into a crochet top.  I crocheted the square like front panel with the dragon and then just did the back piece in mesh.  I joined it at the top with dc.  I finished the bottom piece ch 3, 3 dc. and made it look like a checkerboard type stitch.  Hope you like it.

Mug rugs

coasters 001 coasters 005

Yes I love this new phrase (at least it is to me) “mug rugs.”  For some reason it sounds better than “coasters.”  I guess it sounds “funkier” to me; that’s why I chose my Etsy shop name: Funkydeb.

Actually, each of these took about 2 hours to crochet.  Yeah, time, time, time was on my side.  I crocheted a chain of about 32, then did the sc, dc, sc, across, turn, ch 3, sc, dc, sc, across, repeat until you get a square.  Then crocheted ch 2 loops around, and finish with sc, ch2, sc in each loop around and voila! beautiful little mug rugs.

Hope you like them.  Ta ta.